By now, you’ve probably heard about our upcoming show, Sheffield Real Estate, premiering nationally on the FYI/A&E network Thursday, November 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. I mean, we’ve only been posting, sharing, tweeting, writing and going on live television to scream our excitement from the mountaintops.


But what you may not know – and what you may be wondering – is why we’re doing it. Gary and I are already public figures, and we value our privacy.


So why do a reality television show and put everything on front street?


It was definitely a question we both considered carefully as we entertained the idea of doing our own show – and a decision we didn’t take lightly.


But ultimately, our rationale was clear: We wanted to be the good that’s been missing from television for far too long.


With Gary, an extremely outspoken World Series champion and our three rambunctious boys, we hope to bring ‘real’ positivity to ‘real’-ity television. We want to share our love of Christ and family; we want to change the headlines of divisive rhetoric to one of faith, happiness and – most importantly – hope.


Raised in church, I grew up in a family of pastors and ministers. My Christian upbringing helped ignite my passion for music ministry at the tender age of five when I first took the stage. With my mom as my manager, I traveled the world, performing for numerous religious and political leaders, including President Reagan, and by 9, had become the youngest person to ever be nominated for a GRAMMY®. Then as an adult, with both my mother and father being real estate brokers, I couldn’t help but to find my way into real estate, too.


And being married to a hometown Tampa native, I’ve been proud to call Tampa home for nearly 20 years – and know that the change I want to see starts at home. So in a time where television seeks to promote – and encourage – negativity, hopelessness, infighting and the perpetuating of movie-villain archetypes, we want to see a return of values, integrity and humanity.


As believers, we think we all want to see a return of virtues; we want a change. And we want to be that change, sharing with viewers the life we’ve built on faith and family. Juggling marriage, motherhood and several successful businesses is rarely easy, but through Him all things are possible – and it’s time for that narrative to have the spotlight.


We think it’s time we accept less and expect more from one another. We want our show to be one that empowers, enlightens and uplifts. We want to inspire the good in others – and to be inspired, too.


And with your help, we can change the channel – for good.





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